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Lily Meyer RMT

healing everyBODY through massage

Breast Massage

Something to think about...


Whoa...…!  Why?

People view breasts in various ways. Popular culture and society can apply positve or negative references with regards to womens breasts. Sexuality and our emotional experience with sex also define breasts personally, as well as cancer, masectomies, size, shape, age....

All this overlooks the fact that breasts are body tissues with specific health needs.

Breasts are often compressed within tight clothing. This inhibits blood and lymph flow. Breasts lack muscle tissue which also stagnates tissue through lack of movement

Download my brochure for more information or to share: /lilymeyerrmt/doc/breastbro.pdf

Massage therapy is a gentle and effective way to promote breast health and relieve symptoms of discomfort and ambivalence.

Indications for breast massage

  • congestion/swelling
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning
  • premenstrual and menopaiusal tenderness
  • pain
  • injuries
  • post-surgical symptoms
  • discomfort from cancer treatments
  • feeling of complete or whole body massage
  • monitoring breasts tissue
  • even emotional

If you are considering breast massage, make sure you have all your questions answered and a clear idea of the process.

Breasts are never fully exposed during treatment. 

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