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Lily Meyer RMT

healing everyBODY through massage

Pregnancy Massage

Healing everyBODY through massage.


Pregnancy is a time of great changes, physically and emotionally. Often this transition brings stress and anxiety to newly expecting moms. There are multiple reasons why massage can play an integral role in your life and the new life you carry, only a few are outlined below.


In addition to the CCMH school training, I have also completed TRIMESTERS a course with focus on all aspects related to Pregnancy Massage, Pelvic Health 1 and work side by side with one of Oakville's Top Paediatric Chiropractors.

Chiropractor Dr Diane Meyer has had a resounding positive impact during pregnancy, labor and perinatal support for many families in Oakville and beyond.  To learn more about how Chiropractic can change your life and the one you carry please visit Link:


Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Stress Reduction

Ongoing stress increases the sympathetic nervous system. This is your fight or flight response. Chronic stress increases adrenal production of stress hormones, this can have a serious negative impact on the expecting mom, fetal developement and birth.

Circulatory benefits

Massage decreases the discomfort of edema, varicose veins & increased blood pressure. Total blood volume during pregnancy can increase 30-50%!  

Decreased Muskuloskeletal Pain

Postural changes to accomodate the ever growing fetus can wreak havok on mom. 

Benefits of Massage (Post delivery)

Postpartum recovery

WOW. You made it through the 40 what??

As mom adapts to the little life now outside of her, sometimes anxiety and stress compounds to this singular moment - can I do this???  Massage gives mom a chance to regroup and ground herself for any new challenges, including the sleepless nights! It gives her one hour of "me time".

 If the birthing experience was traumatic and physically demanding, massage offers relief. It can help counter the effects of muscular discomfort during breastfeeding and new postural changes. Abdominal massage can reduce perineal pain and cramping. Rehabilitate the body. Empower mom.


Massage Positioning

During the first trimester, if you are comfortable with lying on your stomach, a pregnancy pillow (center cut out)  can be used until belly bump is uncomfortable. Then I switch to extensive use of pillows, eventually incorporating a large wedge pillow to provide optimal support for mom.

In my opinion, tables with the centers removed, do not offer enough support for the increased weight of the belly and increases the strain on supporative ligaments.

Massage is dictated by the mother - to - be. Be sure to vocalize any areas of concern, discomfort (if any) during massage and any post treatment concerns. Bathroom breaks are acceptable!




A Fabulous support network for Moms and Moms to be...dads too!!

Our office supports the HALTON DOULA GROUP to facilitate expecting moms and families for a wonderful new addition to their family.