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Lily Meyer RMT

healing everyBODY through massage

Geriatric and Senior Massage

Elder Care

As our bodies change with age, discomfort from a lifetime of accumulated injuries and sometimes new complications are often thougth of as a general wearing out process. Todays seniors are a robust group - they are more active and live longer!

The benefits of massage therapy do not change with age!

Improved circulation, enhanced recovery, pain management, increased range of motion and flexibility...decrease in anxiety, stress or tension, and increases immune system function!

Other specific benefits: 

Memory/clarity improvement, calming for aggressive or irritable behavioural changes, decrease in blood pressure, improved sleep, relief from arthritic  pain, improved balance and coordination.

For all seniors please ask your main health practitioner of any contraindications before having a massage session.

All sessions for seniors begin at 30 minutes in length - so as not to overload the nervous system!  Techniques will vary according to each individual's specific needs.

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